Punch & Die

Broad World Precision is the leading supplier and manufacturer of profile punch and die plate that are manufactured under strict standards.
High precision punch & die sets, retainers, bushes and strippers, BWP supplies not only these products in specified material, but also various choices of surface coatings such as TiN, TiCN, AlCrN. Punches are supplied in various types including headed type, non-headed type, ball-lock type, etc... For Dies, there are slug-retension type, tapered bore type, headed & non-headed type, ball-lock type and etc. to choose from. As for retainers we supply headed-type, ball-lock type, multi-location type as well as air cylinder type to meet customer's demand. Furthermore, the strippers we supply have been improved in designs to gain better properties. All above items can be customized as per drawings supplied.
Broad World Precision insists on producing the profile punch with quality control and do our best to satisfy customer's demand for die plate.